my new bag from Accessorize!

my new bag from Accessorize!

Brown buckle decorated leather bag

(Fake leather of course?)

so pretty! i love it 🙂

I do love Accessorize toooo 😉

Today’s lookbook

Accessorize bag

with Khaki field jacket

Black colar t-shirt

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch black jeans

Keds Gold





New Bracelet: Vintage but cute~


my new bracelet!

so i know i need to stop buying bracelet …

but anyway…

it was so so so SOOOO CUTE that i cant stand


its vintage leather bracelet. i love that robot and crown so much XD

It makes vintage-feel but they are super cute for real


i matched with my other colorful beads bracelet 🙂

i like how it’s really colorful.. hehe




Today’s lookbook – which one is better

Today i got two looks.

Basically with khaki outer, cream colored hoodie and denim shirt,

black skinny jeans and some bracelets.

which one is better?

they are different in shoes and bags 😛

First one is with  stud bag and toms shoes!

Second one!

with Union Jack satchel bag and walker shoes 🙂

i look taller with these shoes hehe



and accessories details!