[DIY]To make my own Philly Cheesesteak :P

To make my own Philly Cheesesteak 😛

Just wanted to try by myself.

Of course, it is not same as original,

but i can satisfy with lol

ok, here’s the recipe, its pretty easy and fast.

Ready your bread with enough mayonnaise on.

For my health, I used whole-grain bread and half-mayonnaise.


Stir up chopped meat with veggies you want.

i put mushrooms, celery, and onions.

now, the most important part!

if you are done with stirring, prepare your cheese and put on it.

I used sliced cheese, cuz i didnt have mozzarella or any others…

I think mozzarella or cheddar would be nice!

Keep stove on until your cheese get melted a little bit.


Lift up as originally as it is kept, put on the bread.

Put the another bread over,

and YAY! Time to eat!!

YUM~ delicious..cheeeesssy~~

my own philly cheesesteak~ 😀





The Day of Dokdo Island (Territory of Republic of Korea)

Some of you may have been heard of dispute of “East Sea” and “Sea of Japan”.
Some of you may have been heard of “Takeshima Island”, “Dokdo Island” or “Liancourt Rocks” in English.

Celebrating the day of Dokdo Island, which is 25th October here in South Korea, I want to let you know about Dokdo Island and its meaningless dispute.

Dokdo Island (shorten as Dokdo from now on) is under Korea’s control currently. However, Japan urges that Dokdo is Japanese territory and Koreans reside there without permission of Japan. Japan wants US to give back Dokdo to them, which is OUR territory.

East Sea is also a problem. Japan advocates that it is not East Sea, but Sea of Japan. I know there are many international maps that stipulate this ocean as Sea of Japan. However, I also know that a lot of international maps are now changing their maps with co-stipulate – Sea of Japan (East Sea).

Unfortunately, it is true that Japan is bigger and more powerful than Korea. They have more advanced technologies in some areas, and more capitals to invest other foreign countries. However, that should not be the reason to be the owner of Dokdo. Anyone should not advocate something nonsense because of their power.

It was territory of Chosun Dynasty (former country of South Korea) from the beginning. There are some documentary confusion(Japan’s own documents) according to Japan, however, that just makes that Japanese are making non-sense argument. Because already there are so many other internationally-written documents that Dokdo is Korean territory, not Japanese.

Dokdo Belongs to Korea

I just wanted to let every international bloggers know that
Dokdo is Korean territory.

If you hear word “Takeshima”, I am sorry but that word is wrong.
the existence of the word makes no sense at all.
Because, that island has a name “Dokdo”, not “Takeshima” or something.

posted in The New York Times